Unemployment: How to make a credit when one is unemployed?

We wrote this article because we noticed that the following question often comes up on some sites:

  • How to get a credit when you are a job seeker?
  • Answer : To our knowledge there is no specific loan for the unemployed!

It is sadly obvious that people looking for work are less likely than assets to obtain a loan. The reason is simple, banks are companies whose purpose is lucrative and not social organizations. This is how the company works.

Humorous illustration about unemployment

Humorous illustration about unemployment

This does not mean that an unemployed person can not borrow, we will try to explore the possible ways to get credit :

– To begin, know that a bank will lend you money if you have a sponsor. That is, you will be more likely to get credit if you own. On the other hand she will study your financial situation. If you are late rights, it will be more complicated. On the other hand, if you are unemployed recently and you have a long period of compensation in front of you, you have your chances. Ideally, the last term of the credit should come before the end of compensation for employment pole.

If your bank rejects your request, nothing is lost, you will have to contact a social worker. It will be able to build a file and guide its request in two directions, depending on the reason for the loan. ( either to the CAF or to the social micro-credit ):

Reason for your loan is the purchase of a car 

Reason for your loan is the purchase of a car 

If you receive assistance from the CAF (APL, or others…) and the reason for your loan is the purchase of a car for the purpose of going to an internship employment pole, or a job corresponds to your search but a vehicle is required to obtain the position. The social worker can then build a file that will submit your CAF. This is a loan called ” honor loan ” usually a modest amount. It is an interest-free, zero interest loan (you only repay the loan). Monthly deadlines are deducted each month from your family benefits. Be aware that the granting of this loan of honor is not automatic.

The social worker can also direct his request to personal micro-credit. (It is intended for people receiving RSA, jobseekers or people in precarious situations). The principle is as follows: The social worker builds a file, she then submits it to a bank. The bank studies it benevolently for a simple reason, is that if it makes a positive response, the loan is secured by a special fund, so the bank takes little risk. You will be more likely to have a positive answer if the loan is used to buy a vehicle and that it is essential for you to get a job. The amount allocated generally allows you to buy a used car. Or to restore your own car.

If you wish to create your own micro-enterprise and are looking for financing, we advise you to read our article entitled: 

Make an appointment with a social worker

Make an appointment with a social worker

IN SUMMARY: If you need a loan, do not rush, proceed in the following order. Ask your banker first, if he refuses, make an appointment with a social worker, send him the evidence proving that the bank refused your request, as well as documents proving your current situation. Depending on your situation, she will know where to make the requests and then take the steps on your behalf. If you want to create your own business.

Important clarification : Unlike the loan of honor, the micro-credit is a conventional loan, that is to say that there is interest to repay and that the deadlines are taken from your bank account.

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